Luklak (Yellow-Vented Bulbul) Keeping Its Balance Near Mt. Makiling

Perfect balance.

The yellow-vented bulbul (Pycnonotus goiavier) is one of the most common birds in the city. I was surprised to see them out in the wild, such as this one performing a delicate balancing act on a vine and twig near Mt. Makiling, an inactive volcano and a nature preserve.

I wonder if my reaction of surprise was warranted. Did I really expect them to be city-dwellers like me that ventured to the countryside? Or were they originally wild birds that learned to adapt to cities that people built over the land?

I may have made fun of them in a recent post, but the creature was simply using what’s available to build a nest in the city. They have to find balance in a changing ecosystem.

Here I was, a stranger in the bird’s eyes. The nature preserve was, after all, created for them. Like them, maybe we can learn to keep the perfect balance.

The bird’s name is derived from its yellow vent and “bulbul” comes from the Persian word for nightingale.

I find its calls pleasant enough, and I don’t mind waking up to their noisy chatter in the morning. It is called “Luklak” locally.


  1. Great capture! I know I would love to see and hear them. We wake up to Mockingbirds and Northern Cardinals. It certainly puts me in a good mood in the morning. Birds are resilient for the most part even though too much habitat is being destroyed at record paces. At least there are refugees and nature preserves that help.

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    • You’re lucky with the mockingbirds and cardinals, I can imagine how they set the mood for the day. I’ve always thought birds in the morning are lucky charms.
      Thanks for sharing and for hosting the birdweekly challenge!

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      • We are lucky to have the birds that we have. I’ll keep that in mind about lucky charms. You are welcome and so glad to have you anytime you want to participate. Love seeing your birds. 🙂

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