A Street Mural at Cambridge, MA

I wanted to show the artist, including his tools, as part of the mural, his vision of a smiling world a work in progress.




Summer Is Here – Time to Head for the Beach

Everybody knows a little place like Kokomo
Now if you want to go and get away from it all
Go down to Kokomo
– The Beach Boys, “Kokomo”



(Alona Beach, on the island of Panglao, province of Bohol in the Philippines)

“There are two seasons in the country, the wet season and the dry season, based upon the amount of rainfall. The warmest months of the year are March through October.” (Wikipedia)

For locals, “summer” means March to May when temperatures are highest, the sky is bluest and the water is clearest… the best time to cool down on the beach.

Favorite Place

As Long as We’re Together

We’re a thousand miles from comfort, we have traveled land and sea
But as long as you are with me, there’s no place I’d rather be
I would wait forever, exalted in the scene
As long as I am with you, my heart continues to beat

We staked out on a mission to find our inner peace
Make it everlasting so nothing’s incomplete
It’s easy being with you, sacred simplicity
As long as we’re together, there’s no place I’d rather be
– Clean Bandit, “Rather Be”

Mount Rokko, near Kobe, Japan

I’d Rather Be…