(Sunrise at Mt. Fuji)

The sun peeked above the clouds
and thawed the chill
from my bones, from my heart.
The light called me to join its dance,
hope is inviting me to life, again.
I went far to find it,
wanted to remember,
snapped a photo.
But I know I’d forget
and have to find it, again.

More on my photography journey in this  blog post.

Thank you for visiting.


  1. I am 49 female poet that never published what I write. You are so gifted. Keep up the great work this is my day 1 here nice blog and photo’s please stop by. I will be back ~Jackie

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  2. Thank you for coming over. I do like your post on the vintage car details.
    And you have an eye for finding “beauty along the road.”
    Thanks for the comment on the Salzburg pics!


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