Exploring The Great Torii at Miyajima

A torii is the boundary between the human world and the spirit world, normally at the entrance of a Shinto shrine.

The Great Torii at Miyajima Island , normally shown as if floating on the water at high tide, is an icon of Japan.


But at low tide, one can go up close and explore it.


Some people even place coins between the barnacles for good luck.


But I also like the way the Torii peeks above the roofs as seen on the way down from Mount Misen.

Either way, it’s definitely worth a visit when in Japan.



No Hesitation (In Praise of Weeds)

Not that weed. 🙂

A friend once told me not to bring this orchid home because “it’s a weed among orchids.”


I decided to take it home anyway because I’ve tried other varieties and none of them survived. This fellow, for all it’s humble pedigree, kept blooming. I think it’s because it doesn’t listen to what others are saying.

If plants overthink their reason for being, I guess many of them won’t be around.


Just think of the cactus, it never listened to the wisdom that plants can’t grow in the desert.

A plant doesn’t think it deserves less of the sun because it is not a rose.


Who is to judge anyway?


The jasmine doesn’t care. If it has to crawl so be it; it still spreads its tiny flowers and their scent.


Growth is life and life is growth.

If we can be more like plants, maybe we would hesitate less.

Now, for that other kind of weed… 🙂


A Roman Garden With Bellflowers


An ancient Roman sculpture garden is recreated at the Courtyard of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.


At this time of year, chimney bellflowers (Campanula pyramidalis) appear in the courtyard. The flowers are grown from seed and take two years to reach their six-foot height!

Quite an impressive work of horticulture.

“Isn’t it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?”
– Douglas Adams


Eat Your Excuses for Breakfast

Whoever said “Eat your excuses for breakfast and move on” knew a thing or two. 🙂


(Synonyms of Flavorful from merriam-webster.com)
appetizing, delectable, delish, delicious, flavorsome, luscious, lush, mouthwatering, palatable, savory, scrumptious, succulent, tasteful, tasty, toothsome, toothy, yummy, delightful, heavenly, pleasing, gratifying, satisfying, delicate, exquisite.

Here’s another one for good measure.
“One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.”
– Robert Heinlein