Dutch Pink Is Not Pink

"Dutch pink and Italian blue
He's there waiting for you
My will has disappeared
Now confusion is so clear"

I came across “Dutch pink” from the song “Temptation” (performed by Diana Krall) and have been wondering what shade of pink it was or if there was any hidden meaning.

Initially, I thought the color looked something like this.

Upon checking, Merriam-Webster says

Definition of dutch pink
1a yellow lake prepared usually from Persian berries or from quercitron and used chiefly as an artist’s pigment
2a light yellow that is greener and slightly darker than jasmine and greener and stronger than average maize or popcorn

So historically, Dutch pink referred to a yellow dye!

The description “yellow that is greener” made me think it looked like this.

Upon further research, it seems more like a warm-toned peach color, which can appear orange, yellow, or pink depending on the light. Being a “lake pigment” may have given it certain unique characteristics.

So Dutch pink is probably closer to the color of the middle of this little flower.

Much ado about the lyrics of a song, but I knew it wasn’t that straightforward, and I learned something new.

It also gave me a reason to shoot in natural lightย in the garden; after all, colors are but reflections of different wavelengths of light.ย 

Have a great week of wonderful light ahead!


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