Lens-Artists Challenge 121 – Focus on the Subject

This week’s challenge by Patti invites us to share images that draw attention to the subject, using techniques such as leading lines, patterns, color, freezing motion and framing.

Color and Contrast

When is an orange not orange? When it is grown in tropical climates; where there is no autumn, chlorophyll is preserved and the rind stays green even when it’s ripe.


Being different doesn't always mean 
Being a standout
But sometimes we have to break the pattern 
To be one. 

Leading lines and Patterns

This hanging bridge leads to a small island. It’s a scary walk, but why are people attracted to it?


The power of suggestion can be strong
We may act differently
If we stop and think
But then maybe not.

Motion and Framing

A waterfall along a hiking trail at the Blue Mountain National Park near Sydney. Is the waterfall the foliage and rocks that frame it, or is it the water?


We may think we are staying in place 
When we are flowing and following our path
All it takes is a change
In our frame of reference.

“Life is like a camera. Focus on what’s important.”

So what’s your focus?

“When life gets blurry, adjust your focus.”


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