Covering All Sides of a Covered Bridge

Working a shot or “working the scene” has become second nature to me, and not always in a good way. For instance, a recent hike to Flume Gorge took twice the “normal” time.

One such stop along the way was this covered bridge.

Of course I was taking shots as I approached the bridge.

And then while on the bridge.

The view from the left side of the bridge, then the opposite side.

I took a step back to make this snap, using the bridge to frame the view.

That’s three ways to shoot the bridge itself, and three views from the bridge.

But here’s a bonus, the bridge as seen after crossing.

Sometimes, in photography as in life, there are good views to be seen looking back.

For LAPC: One Subject Three Ways


  1. Hi, Nes. I went to a photo workshop once where the instructor said, “Don’t forget to turn around. Sometimes the best shot is behind you.” That’s exactly what you showed us today! Wonderful set. I really loved that final shot.

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