Hotter Than an Outdoor Jacuzzi

sun rising early
hot day breaking through the room
rise and shine



Sunrise Over the Saigon River


(Ho Chi Minh City, 24 May 2018)

The Saigon River rises in southeastern Cambodia, flows south and south-southeast, passing by Ho Chi Minh City, where it is the main water supply and hosts the Saigon Port. It travels about 230 kilometres before emptying into the Mekong Delta.


Does the Earth Belong to Us?

When I watch a sunrise


Or the occasional moonrise


I sometimes wonder if the earth is a better place without us.

I’m not trying to be a tree hugger (nothing wrong with being one).


I am simply trying to ask a bigger question —

Is the earth a planet that belongs to our species, to use and exploit, and, when exhausted, move on and colonize Mars and other planets?

Or are we part of nature, homo sapiens another species on earth, another passenger on this planet?


“With great power comes great responsibility.”

This has been quoted through the centuries, including the French Revolution, the US Supreme Court, Winston Churchill, the Holy Bible, and yes, Spider Man movies.

That our species is preeminent confers it great opportunity, to shape the earth for its purpose, and enjoy its gifts.


But also great responsibility.
and Earth Day 2017

Photos from top: Sunrise at Mt Fuji, Moonrise over Laguna province in the Philippines, Todai-ji at Nara in Japan, Ho Chi Minh International Airport, Sunrise in Laguna province in the Philippines

Vietnamese Girl in Ao Dai


The ao dai is the Vietnamese traditional costume, commonly worn by women but also worn by men (George W Bush and Vladimir Putin wearing the ao dai can be seen here).

Today western clothes are prevalent, so a girl gracefully riding a bicycle in an ao dai is a rare sight, specially in Ho Chi Minh City where motorcycles dominate the road. But the ao dai remains the standard costume for weddings and big events like Tet holiday celebrations.

Incidentally, celebrations for the Vietnamese New Year (Tet holiday) start this week. It’s the most important festival in Vietnam.

As they say in Vietnamese, Năm mới dồi dào sức khỏe! (I wish you a healthy new year!) and Năm mới tấn tài tấn lộc! (I wish you a wealthy new year!)

May all your wishes come true! Vạn sự như ý!