Love Bites



Mother dogs are often seen biting their puppies. Many believe it’s a form of motherly love, instilling discipline. It could also be a form of play or training, preparing the puppy for independence.

Though dingoes are technically not a breed of dog and may have wolfish instincts, they demonstrate the same behavior, even in captivity.

Talk about mother instinct!

(Photo taken at Featherdale Wildlife Park near Sydney, Australia.)


Michelangelo on the Pavement


“The Creation of Adam” at Sydney Harbour.

The original work by Michelangelo has of course been hailed as a masterpiece, painted by the artist on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome. Much has been written about the genius of the composition and the originality of its vision.

It’s one of the most replicated works of art in the world, inspiring many artists — including this would-be Michelangelo — to create more than “pedestrian” art.


Best View of Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge for Less Than 10 Dollars


The harbour is really the highlight of Sydney, and there’s no better way to explore it than by taking a ferry.

For less than 10 Australian dollars, one can take a ferry ride from Circular Quay and cross the harbour. Or one can take a day ticket and explore the surroundings, be it nearby Darling Harbour or Manly Beach.

Either way, the Opera House and Harbour Bridge are best viewed from the water.


How Heavy is a Mountain?


According to this calculation, it can be several billion tons. Smart geometry and physics.

But I also like this answer – as long as you don’t try to lift it up, it doesn’t weigh anything at all. It’s like problems, you don’t deny their existence, and you don’t run away from them. You just don’t carry them around.

Science vs. philosophy. Your answer depends on how you see the question.

(Photo: detail of the “Three Sisters” at the Blue Mountains outside Sydney, Australia.)

Sydney Harbour at Night When the Tourists Are Gone

Sometimes, like people, a place can reveal its inner character when you catch it when it is alone.


Sydney Harbour is one of the most popular places for tourists. During the day, it is packed with people and pigeons. Aside from the Ferry Terminal it also has attractions surrounding it like the Opera House, museums, as well as hotels and restaurants. It can be quite busy indeed.


Until you let all of them go and see a different side. It is a dock, a port, after all. At night when the tourist are gone it goes back to its nature, quite lonely I suppose.


Even the Overseas Passenger Terminal, where all the cruise ships dock, falls silent and gives lovers in a quarrel some space.
Ambience Unseen

When There’s No Path to Your Goal Can You Grow Wings?

(At the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia.)

You’re staring at it, but there’s no path.

Can you grow wings? Fly over the ravine and get right to the mountaintop?

“If God had meant us to fly he’d have given us wings.”
– Chinese proverb

Yeah, no wings, but we got will and brains.

Will to make our own path. Brains to know when it is time to look for another goal.