Climbing up a Wall and a Bottle of Beer

Someone must have figured…


If it feels like you’re climbing up a wall, there’s always beer!

Got to admire the tenacity of this plant, growing roots against the wall. We should really save the earth – it’s the only planet with beer!



Keep Me Away From Wisdom


A child is attracted to the lights and fountain.

I wish I could keep a sense of wonder like this child’s.

“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.”

Was it Socrates or Aristotle who said it? I was led to this discussion on Reddit and found it quite ironic — as the experts weighed in, literally it started to feel heavy.

I would rather not be led to that kind of wisdom.

True wisdom leads back to wonder — maybe someone else said it, but it doesn’t matter who did.

To be able to marvel at a toothless smile from a baby, a ray of sunlight through a window, the smell of rain on the soil, the melody of chirping birds — that would be enough.


Michelangelo on the Pavement


“The Creation of Adam” at Sydney Harbour.

The original work by Michelangelo has of course been hailed as a masterpiece, painted by the artist on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome. Much has been written about the genius of the composition and the originality of its vision.

It’s one of the most replicated works of art in the world, inspiring many artists — including this would-be Michelangelo — to create more than “pedestrian” art.