How Heavy is a Mountain?


According to this calculation, it can be several billion tons. Smart geometry and physics.

But I also like this answer – as long as you don’t try to lift it up, it doesn’t weigh anything at all. It’s like problems, you don’t deny their existence, and you don’t run away from them. You just don’t carry them around.

Science vs. philosophy. Your answer depends on how you see the question.

(Photo: detail of the “Three Sisters” at the Blue Mountains outside Sydney, Australia.)


When There’s No Path to Your Goal Can You Grow Wings?

(At the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia.)

You’re staring at it, but there’s no path.

Can you grow wings? Fly over the ravine and get right to the mountaintop?

“If God had meant us to fly he’d have given us wings.”
– Chinese proverb

Yeah, no wings, but we got will and brains.

Will to make our own path. Brains to know when it is time to look for another goal.


Katoomba Falls in NSW, Australia

Katoomba Falls, seen here with its several segments, is like nature preening.


It calls you to get close, glide above the valley and fall with its waters, cascading from the ridge to the forest below.


Fortunately, one can do so within the safety of the Skyway cable car. But getting this shot meant holding out and pointing the camera directly at the valley 270 meters below.


Great Fun!

“Katoomba” comes from the aboriginal name meaning “water tumbling over a hill.”

The Katoomba Falls is within the Blue Mountains National Park, a World-Heritage listed site, just 1-1/2 hours drive from Sydney (around 100 kilometers).