When the Winter’s Gone

Winter is here and all the roses lie
Deep beneath the snow
That’s where lovers go
To hide from pain and sorrow

Never for sure when your luck will turn
Waiting out that snowy day


Pardon me, sir, I think it’s up from here
Take this one from me
One day you’ll feel free
To fly away wherever you want to

You’ll breathe a sigh and see it’s time
To move along

Just a little stronger
When the winter’s gone, when the winter’s gone

– from “When the Winter’s Gone (Song for a Stranger)” by David Benoit and Jennifer Warnes



The Hanging Bridge

It’s a 350-meter suspended walkway connecting an islet to the shore. Apparently the plan is to have a zipline as part of the attraction.


But simply crossing the bridge in the middle of the rain was daunting enough. Not to mention some parts were being repaired.


But there were brave souls ahead.

Did I cross it?


You bet!


Location of the hanging bridge is here, somewhere on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines.

Romanticizing a Fisherman’s World

With the help of photography…


we can find colors…
create a sense of endless summer…



and be reminded that one’s ordinary life can be another person’s paradise…
and that there is so much to be thankful for everyday…



(A peek into a fishing village on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines.)


A Simple Interpretation of Punta Fuego

IMG_5440They call this place Punta Fuego, a Spanish name.

“Punta” in English means a tip or point (in this particular case, of land), and “fuego” means fire. “Punta Fuego” is hard to translate, but “Fire Point” is probably a close literal translation.

Historical references cite the Battle of San Diego, which was fought on these waters between Spanish and Dutch forces in 1600, as the origin of the name.

But I’m not a historian, my interpretation is simpler.

The setting sun turns into a ball of fire, and the land and sea and sky become punta fuego.

(In the province of Batangas in the Philippines.)