The Road Most Often Taken

This week, John’s Lens-Artists challenge is metaphorical — “your favorite type or style of photography as the road you’ve chosen to take most often.”

It made me pause. Taking it at face value, I have perhaps gravitated towards macro and nature photography. After all having a macro lens is fun. One could simply look around and capture patterns in nature.

But I realized it’s more than convenience.

The constant renewal of nature — its agility and resilience — always inspire me, and macro is another way to capture it.

“A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart.”
– Goethe

At other times a mobile phone is the only thing on hand to capture the landscapes along the road on My Photography Journey.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sunrise_6254w.jpg

It’s an ongoing journey, to discover new places, cultures and interesting architecture, finding contrast between old and new such as the Dancing House in Prague by Frank Gehry.

Architecture is frozen music.”
– Goethe

One can learn a lot from the history of a place and by observing people on the street, and I sometimes try to combine them, tell a story.

Yet during travels, I often find things outside the “main attraction” just as interesting.

“Do you wish to roam farther and farther?
See! The Good lies so near.
Only learn to seize good fortune,
For good fortune’s always here.”
– Goethe

Be it far away or around my neighborhood, I find ordinary things catching my attention.

A bird here and there.

The changing of the seasons.

The moon through its phases.

Which brings me back to the challenge, which I haven’t answered.

I’m not sure if I have one definite response, but if pushed, perhaps I can say I like to look for the interesting in the ordinary. Sometimes it works, oftentimes it doesn’t.

But I’ll keep an eye out.

For a little surprise. Or two.


  1. Macros are a special art form because they make us see things we can’t with our own eyes. You posted some beautiful ones here. I like taking travel photos with my phone because now if you swipe up on a photo, it explains the landmarks to you. I used that a lot in Brazil last summer to learn about the places I was looking at.

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    • It does invite nosiness, or should I say, heightens our genuine interest in things. 😊
      I’m glad you feel the same about the “ordinary” and I really appreciate what you share.
      Some of your “ordinary” images still leave an impression in my mind, like the sheep in the mist – quintessential Yorkshire even reminding me of James Herriot. Beautiful.

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