Let Me Start at the End

But my ending is confused.

We’re not talking about “the end justifies the means.”

We’re talking about “begin with the end in mind.”

Like a work of art, the artist visualising the drawing or sculpture before he/she/they even begin.

Like a gymnast posing in perfect balance after a routine. Or Roger Federer’s graceful follow through. Or the nice finish of a golf swing — unfortunately my ugly swing is not a good example.

Wait, where was I? OK, begin with the end.

But what if the end is uncertain?

Like Schrödinger’s cat (geek alert!).

Or a quantum entanglement like two boxes one of which contains a cat but we don’t know which box. You take one box and I take the other and you go to Alaska while I go to Hawaii. Only when you open your box that the cat decides whether it’s in your box or not, and the act of opening the box is what determines this fact. It also determines whether my box is empty or not.

Confused yet?

Well, that’s how I ended up confused.

And I was supposed to start at the end.

And just like that, the first month of the year has come to an end..


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