Favorite Images of 2022

If there was a year that would typify Dickens’ “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times” it would be 2022. But isn’t every year like that?

It started quite ominously, with Omicron surging in these parts, but somehow we made it through and were able to travel.

I have lots of good memories from that visit to the US Northeast.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. For much of early 2022, it almost seemed like “2020 Too.” But there was always nature to cheer us up.

Throughout the year, we had flowers.

Lots of flowers. And bugs.

And birds, too.

And at night the company of the moon.

Not far from home, I found peace in mountains and lakes.

In these fleeting moments, I am reminded that, while in one part of the world the sun is setting, in another part the sun is rising at exactly the same time.

It’s hard to capture in photos, but if there’s one overwhelming feeling I have about the year just past, it is gratitude.

Life is a gift. I am grateful.

(For LAPC: Favorite Images of 2022)


  1. A wonderful collection – in its true sense and meaning. loved them all, and your closing words. So true. My favourites would be…the insects and the suns. Thank you for a soothingly beautiful post, Nes.

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