You Have Successfully Logged Off, See You Next Year

Says the flower to the bee.

Different websites have different logout/logoff messages.

From the reassuring “log off successful” to the doubting “are you sure you want to log out?”

One bank’s website went from the terse “you’re logged out, goodbye!” to the friendlier “you’re logged out, goodbye and see you again!” probably after customer feedback.

Then sometimes you forget to log off and you get the “your session has expired due to inactivity” auto log out message.

Well, time is almost running out of 2022. Whether we’ve been active or not, we will logoff from this year and log on to the next.

Before we do, let me thank everyone who dropped by, left comments, or otherwise came and left. 😊

And to fellow bloggers, thank you for sharing your posts, which I enjoyed very much and learned from.

Till next time!


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