Flights of Fancy at Central Square in Cambridge

This mural at Central Square in Cambridge, MA, is a composite. The artist, Felipe Ortiz, describes how he put his vision of Past, Present, Future into fruition, starting with the depiction of pigeons. He also talked about the representation of the galaxy, and finally the train station.

It’s the train station that impressed me the most. The perspective shift is so realistic as you move across the mural; it’s as if you were standing right on the platform.

Suffice it to say that the artist’s flight of fancy has turned to reality.

I thought this mural with the pigeons would be a good start to respond to this week’s Lens-artists challenge — “Flights of Fancy” led by John (photobyjohnbo).

But John was not simply being literal. He cited “an unrealistic idea or fantastic notion, a pipe dream” as examples of flights of fancy.

Which leads me to the next mural, not far from the first one, honoring Bob Moses and his wife Dr. Janet Jemmott.

Both of them led pioneering work in education and are respected icons of the civil rights movement. Working with Harvard and MIT, they made significant contributions towards equal access to opportunities.

May their dream move ever closer to reality, a flight of fancy that lands at last.

A work that recently got finished, also nearby, is the mural “Crosswinds” by Daniel Galvez.

I posted about it a few years ago when it was a work-in-progress, with the artist himself in the photo.

It is actually a restoration of his own earlier work.

In his own words, he wanted to capture the “wonderful multi-cultural spirit,” inspired by the community itself, which I think he did wonderfully.

Now there’s a plan to demolish the building and replace it with a new complex with a hotel, restaurant, and music venues. The mural might be replaced by a “modern representation” by the artist.

I guess the flight of fancy will have to take off again.

As Felipe Ortiz, the artist of “Past, Present, Future” said, public art is the voice of the people in the community. I’m hoping that the flights of fancy arising from this voice will continue to soar.


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