A Quick Stroll Around Back Bay in Boston

A stroll around Boston is like a visit through time, from its past to its present.

One neighborhood worth visiting is Back Bay.

It used to be a real bay enclosed by a dam, and was filled to “make land” from 1857 to 1900.

Though it has a “High Spine” of skyscrapers, the rows of Victorian brownstone houses are what really characterize Back Bay, immediately bringing one to the 19th century when they were built.

Exterior changes to these houses are highly regulated to preserve their character.

They are on a grid of tree-lined avenues, inspired by Paris. In the middle is Commonwealth Avenue Mall; this pedestrian greenway is a refreshing spot, specially in the summer.

A landmark that’s hard to miss is the Boston Public Library at Copley Square.

It has an interesting architecture, and even more so as you enter the grand entrance and stairway

A stroll around Back Bay wouldn’t be complete without visiting Newbury Street. This shopping and dining destination has preserved its historic character while bringing a variety of retail experiences, from boutique shops to pop-up stores of e-commerce sites. It can be packed with people of all ages on weekends.

There’s a lot more to Back Bay; this quick stroll simply invites one to explore it further.

LAPC: Urban environments


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