A Little Taste of Surrealism

This week’s Lens-artists challenge is about surrealism in photography, where “unadulterated reality is not art.” These days it “strives to unite fantasy and reality, juxtaposition of the rational and the irrational” using image processing tools such as Photoshop.

I admit I am not heavy on post-processing, but exercising creative muscles beyond one’s comfort zone is a fun excuse to post some weird stuff.

Maybe the world is more surreal than we think.

The prolonged lockdowns in some parts of the world caused feelings of isolation and was a surreal experience for many.

It is said that surrealism was a reaction to the realities after World War I and allowed free expression from the subconscious mind. Hence nothing was too absurd or unreal.

When we see something more absurd, does it make reality more acceptable?

Perhaps we are living in similar times. Lines are blurred between reality and fantasy, facts and alternate truths, history and gossip, the logical and illogical.

Nevertheless, I’ve always liked finding the “absurd and unreal,” even if it’s only in my imagination.

I seldom use images with unnatural or otherwordly colors, but it seems apt for this post.

It is such a crazy world that sometimes we want to escape to another planet.

In the meantime, a little taste of surrealism helps.


  1. Brilliant response, Nes. That first photo of the fish and the blue crabs genuinely shocked me. I guess I wasn’t ready for it. I wonder if our ability to process information depends on what we’ve been exposed to in the past?
    As you know, I enjoy a visual pun and your brain drain photo was an excellent example. I also loved the otherworldly colours and compositions. I loved them all actually. Thanks for joining in.

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