Colorful Morning in the Garden

This week’s photo challenge is “colorful expressions,” how color affects our photography.

I like black and white photography, but I am also naturally drawn to colors. Some subjects scream for attention, specially those with primary colors in nature. To me they speak of life. And I don’t have to go far to celebrate the colors of life, such as on a nice morning like today.

The cycle of life goes through its cycle of colors too. 

I normally don’t go out looking for specific colors. I try to capture what speaks to me, and hope to communicate the same, including the mood.

It is hard to resist a Lantana flower. Its multitude of colors can embody all our moods, from happiness to sadness and everything in between.

A rose withers and gives rise to new life at the same time.

Small flowers get their share of attention by their striking colors, like these purple blooms that somehow remind me of the song Purple Rain.

Yellow and green work too.

They are all colors of the earth, reminding us of the cycle of life. We belong in this cycle. It deserves our respect.

At the same time it is telling us to enjoy our time in the sun, and to celebrate the colors around us.

Nothing like a colorful morning to do it.

For Lens-artists: Colorful Expressions and Earth Day.


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