Eat Your Veggies and Enjoy the Flowers (Double-Dipping)

The theme for this week’s Lens-artists photo challenge is double-dipping, addressing more than one photo challenge with a single post. Such a great idea — creatively sharing and growing the blogging community!

Talking about growing, let’s start with vegetables.

Some of my friends told me that edible gardening is the new thing.

Well, I thought it’s been a thing since hunter-gatherers settled down and put down roots (pun unintended). With agriculture came settlements, then cities. Somewhere along the way, cities forgot how to grow crops.

People homebound the past couple of years rediscovered an interest in cultivating plants, including homegrown produce in small spaces.

Joining the bandwagon, we’ve planted a few veggies — all in pots. They’re no flower garden but they contribute their own flowers too.

A diet with vegetables is good for one’s health. Just ask those who live to be 100.

Cultivating them is good for one’s mental well-being too. And everyone can use every bit of that. Maybe that’s why someone started cultivating flowers in homes a long time ago. They cheer up the surroundings.

Like this Vanda orchid blooming happily in the backyard.

Orchids originally grew in the rainforest, thriving on natural humidity and sunlight filtered by tree canopies.

Someone brought them home and others followed, bringing a piece of the rainforest with them.

Who doesn’t want a cheerful orchid bloom? A reminder that life goes on.

Instinctively we know that connecting with nature reassures and heals. Nature assures us that, even in uncertain times, it is generous and will continue giving if we work with it. Nature also never fails to cheer us up when we need it.

And so we’ve completed our double-dip.

Stay healthy and cheerful!

(My contribution to LAPC: Double-dipping, Cee’s Flower of the Day, and CMMC Close-up or Macro.)


  1. Nicely done Nes – and we got an excellent message for the new year along with your photos! BTW several double-dipped with your sky challenge. I’ll be looking to do that myself soon.

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