Sweet Lanzones

When I asked a vendor at a fruit market if the lanzones were sweet, she said she’ll guarantee it and pointed at the ants. I guess you can’t fake ants.

Of course she makes sure no ants go into the bag that you bring home.

Lanzones are native to Southeast Asia and come with many names — langsat, longkong, duku, dokong. But one thing is common, the ripe fruit is sweet.

The skin is quite easy to peel, and the flesh is almost translucent. It’s been described as tasting like grapes, pomelo, grapefruit, or lychee. It’s a combination of refreshing, exotic, and comfort food that reminds me of conversations around the table while munching on them.

The sweetest lanzones are claimed by the island of Camiguin. It holds the Lanzones Festival every October (online last year; it hopes to slowly reopen to tourism).

I sampled the lanzones after taking this shot, and indeed they were sweet. The fruit vendor was right.

(Note: No ants were harmed in making the images for this post.)


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