An Ordinary Shelter With an Excellent View

I do my walks around the neighborhood in the late afternoon to early evening.

Whenever I pass this palm tree, I would hear a cacophony of chirps and calls. It would be swarming with birds preparing to roost for the night.

It’s a favorite roosting site. Its height and crown shape — and the density of leaves and fronds — provide excellent protection.

The dense leaves hide the birds from below, but a zoom lens seems to make my camera see through them.

It’s prime real estate, yet it’s a simple shelter for a simple existence. No mortgage to worry about, no FOMO and bidding wars to pay above asking price.

These accommodations can get a little crowded, so they take turns in the waiting area before joining the fray to book the night’s bedspace.

Eventually the noise dies down as the occupants settle down.

As evening comes, they are treated to a clear view of the rising moon, not unlike the view from the penthouses on the high-rises nearby.

If the weather is good, they would get a good night’s sleep, maybe better than their penthouse neighbors.

An ordinary shelter with an excellent view.

(For this week’s LAPC: The Ordinary.)


  1. Your story and the accompanying photos show how the common things around you become interesting when you pay attention. I like the light in that first photo, with the bronze reflections coming off the leaves. I see the same golden light on the sparrows in the next couple of photos. I like your observation about the “waiting area” too. And that last photo of the ghostly moon and the blue sky is lovely, especially with the fringing of the palm leaves.

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  2. Thanks for your pictures and words, we really liked.
    We live in a bird sanctury and now we have enormous flocks of wild geese flying every evening above our house coming from the Arctic to stay here during the winter months.
    Thanks for sharing
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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