Islands of Lights

For this week’s lens-artists theme, artificial lights, I dug from the archives of my travels within the Philippine islands.

Starting with this image on the island of Cebu in the central Visayas region — I don’t know what the occasion was, but I was lucky to catch the celebration above the city lights.

On the island of Luzon, in Metro Manila, the Lights and Sounds Show has been part of the Christmas season. Each year brings a new installation in the middle of the city, drawing hundreds of people every night. Quarantines and lockdowns haven’t stopped people from experiencing the dancing lights and sounds, albeit virtually last Christmas.

Further north on Luzon island, houses from the Spanish era have been restored brick by brick and gathered to form a heritage town. Some of the ancestral homes are used as hotels for “historical trips” with limited number of guests and only on weekends for now.

Going south, on the island of Mindanao, this city celebrates its fiesta every September and decorates the church with lights. In the midst of on-going challenges, people have kept their faith.

Just a block away, fresh fish shimmer under LED lights in the public market. 

Back in Manila, people are waiting for the Manila Ocean Park to re-open. This attraction is popular with young and old alike, specially during the holidays.

I’ve revisited these images partly out of nostalgia for “normal” times, and partly out of hope that these islands will go on shining brightly, even if they may have dimmed a little. 


  1. Well, these are all gorgeous shots – the city and the fireworks for example! But I love all of them. The jelly fish chambers are fabulous of course, but there is so much life and soul in all your choices – well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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