Are You Selling It?

I came upon this forlorn-looking house silhouetted against the sunset sky while jogging walking around the neighborhood.

”Are you selling it?” someone asked from behind me.

I turned around and saw a neighbor walking jogging with his young son.

“Oh, I was just taking a photo of the sunset,” I smiled through my face mask, holding up my phone.

“I see,” he smiled back, looking up. He turned to his son and pointed. “Look how nice that sunset is.” The son seemed uninterested.

They continued on their way and I looked back at the house and the sunset before going my own way.

It reminded me that people see different things while looking at the same thing.

I was absorbed in taking the shot that I didn’t notice the father and son coming my way.

The man saw a house he might want to buy and an opportunity to talk to someone he thought was the owner.

“Are you selling it?”

I couldn’t say yes on the house, but I wish I could sell the sunset to the son.

But his mind was probably on something else.


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