Strong and Resilient

"I hope I can be as strong and as resilient as New York has been the past 20 years."
- Leylah Fernandez to the crowd, after the US Open Women's Singles Final on 9/11 2021

I have posted about the 9/11 Memorial here and The Oculus here, but I thought it would be timely to revisit this strong and resilient city.

This week’s photo challenge is to “go wide” and I can’t think of a better place where a wide-angle lens would be at home than New York.

It’s best explored walking, and there’s a lot to take in, even at ordinary corners.

These photos were taken a few years ago, before Covid, and the city has gone through a lot since then. Still it has an indomitable spirit.

The city that never sleeps did take a break.

But you know it’d come back, as it always does.


  1. I would love to visit someday. See all the places I’ve seen in photos and in the movies. Don’t know that I ever will, so I will continue to enjoy the photos. And yes, to see the 9/11 memorials and to feel in my heart all of the struggles that city has gone through. Never Forget ❤🤍💙

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