All About the Good Light

“Let there be light,” and there was light.

And then there was photography.

Light, how can we live without it? Since the time of creation (or the Big Bang, if you prefer), light has been a thread in the fabric of the universe. It has enthralled geniuses like Einstein, who spent a considerable time thinking about it.

We may not be Einstein, but light interests us nonetheless, specially photographers who depend on it to create images. I studied using lights in a studio and bringing flashguns for light. They are still useful, but I admit I am more of a “natural light” photographer these days.

Maybe because I’m gravitating towards subjects in nature.

Maybe because nature brings its own light.

In small things or large.

Warm light or cool, soft or harsh.

Near or far.

It is said that the one who created light saw that it was good.

I’m just glad to partake of this good light. A slice of light captured in a slice of time.

LAPC: It’s all about the light


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