An Introvert’s Way of Getting Away

This week’s Lens-Artists challenge is about getting away, traveling to places far and near.

I’ve been to places north and south, not quite at the edge of the world but close, and I’ve looked out of hotel windows here and there. I’ve been on top of a volcano and a skyscraper.

But wherever I went, I realized that you can’t get away from yourself. You always bring you with you.

One of my most memorable experiences is watching the sunrise from Mt. Fuji.

I felt a calm and majesty as the sun broke above the clouds, like watching a timeless ritual, away from everything on the world below.

I was glad I brought me with me, as I wrote on my “About” page.

These days, despite travel restrictions, I find a way to get away; not that far but “away” enough.

I enjoy having “alone” time. Not away from people but alone with my thoughts.

It can simply mean losing myself in a cup of hot chocolate. It helps if you’re in a mountain getaway.

I also discovered that whenever I need some peace and quiet, I can look for a chapel and sit on a pew with no one around. Sanctuary.

I also find it on temple grounds I’ve visited.

Be it in the great outdoors, or the great indoors, I find that the best way to get away is to find myself.


  1. Your images are quite dear as well as your personal reflections on why and how you like to get away. But what really attracted me to this lovely narrative is this statement: You always bring you with you. Very insightful!
    Thanks for contributing and for enriching the challenge.

    Liked by 1 person

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