1. Your photo essay drew me in and made me want to know more about this interesting place and how you captured those aerial images.

    I see you are using the same blog theme as I. Recently I needed to change themes and found this theme to fix the issue I was having trying to link to Flickr with my previous theme. I really like the look of the new theme, but I wish the title font color were black or in a darker gray.

    Thanks for joining in on this week’s challenge.

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    • My pleasure to join the challenge, and a great one this week that you hosted, John.
      These are fishponds in the bay, on the shallow waters near the delta.
      These are the houses of the caretakers and watchers of the fishponds. Maybe some of them live on it, or they are used when visiting.
      These shots were taken from a helicopter.

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      • Apostrophe 2 is the name of the theme. I changed because I wanted to embed photos stored on Flickr instead of loading the images into WordPress. Apostrophe 2 works well for that.
        It is not a “Recommended Theme” so WordPress support told me that while it does solve my problem, future changes to the editing system may cause issues in the future.
        Of the themes I checked out, though, I liked this one the best, so I’m sticking with it for now.

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    • Thanks for the interest! I think the embankments serve as mini dikes and footpaths connecting various areas. At least those near each other. I’m not sure how properly is divided, I would imagine they are based on “clusters.”

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