Mind the Gap

I first heard this expression as a recording at the London Underground.

It’s a safety reminder to watch out for the gap as you step between the train and the platform.

I like this expression and find it quite unique. I have to admit it’s not native to me, so I may have misused it sometimes.

Such as thinking it applies to things like gaps in relationships. Or gaps between what we are and what we want to be.

Or finding opportunities in gaps. To fill what’s missing with something good, something meaningful, something admirable.

Much ado about nothing. But when you fill it up, then nothing is not nothing at all.


  1. My – sadly now deceased – son-in-law was the voice of Mind the Gap on the London Underground. Despite a long career in the radio and voice-over industry, it was the first thing that was mentioned in most of his obituaries. A phrase that has entered the language!

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    • Wow! The voice of Mind the Gap! That’s amazing, Margaret!
      Sad to know he’s deceased, but your son-in-law forever lives through his voice. It has indeed entered the language. It is also something that sticks to the mind of anyone who has ever been on the London Underground, local or visitor.
      This is unbelievable, meeting (on the blogosphere) someone who knows the real person who owns the voice of Mind the Gap Thanks, Margaret!


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