On Riddles, Shades and Shadows

I wrote a post with riddles sometime ago which I thought was my last post on shadows.

But this week’s lens-artists photo challenge on shades and shadows is meant to be “simple, but hopefully enjoyable.”

So without overcomplicating it, here are a few snaps from a visit to St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague, Czech Republic, some years ago. The play of light and shadow inside the church is simply sublime. 

Photography aside, the visit was quite a moving experience that I was inspired to write two posts about it, one on the experience itself, and another on the stained glass windows.

Going back to riddles, there’s one that says: “I am as big as you are, but I am weightless. Who am I?”

The answer is a shadow of course!

However for this man, who I spotted outside St. Vitus Cathedral wearing shades and bringing an umbrella to use its shadow as a carry-around shade, it doesn’t seem weightless at all.

I said I won’t overcomplicate it, so let’s keep it simple and enjoyable! 


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