Total Lunar Eclipse: Super Blood Moon

Got a very small window because the sky was very cloudy; it was beginning to exit totality when it showed itself.

It’s called a blood moon because of the red color, and a supermoon because it was closest to the earth in its orbit. Hence, super blood moon. Quite a special celestial event.

Got only this one decent shot. I like the “spotlight” and “track lighting” so I left the crane in the photo instead of cropping it out.

I had better luck shooting the total eclipse a few years ago when the sky was clear. But we can’t control the weather. πŸ™‚


  1. That’s a nice photo. Just before totality?

    I was on the edge of the track of this eclipse. It would have been visible for six minutes after the moon rose, but I did not have a clear view to the horizon.

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  2. One shot or not, this is an amazing shot. Beautifully done and I like how you left the crane in to give the shot some perspective. Hope you get to shoot more moons like these. I missed out on seeing it as it was just too cold for me to go out and see the moon here (it is winter in Australia). Next time πŸ™‚

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