Sweet Dreams Are Made of Green and Blue

The LAPC theme this week is Cool Colors – Blue and Green. Tina of Travel and Trifles gave great examples of this side of the color wheel from nature and from all over the world.

I will be a little narrow and focus on the greens and blue skies of some golf courses I have played on.

And the blue from the sea too!

Everyone has a happy place, and greens and blues are in mine.

Of course it is not always sunshine, but somehow the sun always shines in the end.

Well done by Phil Mickelson on winning the PGA Championship and becoming the oldest major champion in golf history!

He did it on a course that is beautiful but beastly difficult.

He prevailed by keeping his cool, like the cool colors of green and blue.


    • John, I couldn’t believe the mob, er, crowd, er, gallery’s behavior at the 18th. Though it made for nice journalism it was dangerous to Phil and Brooks (not to mention the unmasked everyone else). I think the PGA issued an apology for failing to control it.
      I also feel bad for the course with all those people trampling on it, specially the 18th green itself. I’ve never seen anything like it!
      Still kudos to Phil for keeping his cool and focus. Measured breathing — gives new meaning to “golf is meditation.” 😊
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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  1. Beautiful choices Nes – didn’t realize you’re a golfer! Did you know I actually live on Kiawah and attended several days of the tournament? Thankfully I didn’t go for the last day. That mob scene at the end was horrific!! Still a great event and congrats to Phil for an amazing feat.

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    • I do remember you post about Kiawah and getting ready for the 10,000 guests. Your Ocean Course is so beautiful as the footages from the Championship show. But it is very difficult especially no 16 and 17, not for the faint of heart.
      Your posts though about the island show a more intimate side, something only a local can share and thank you for that.
      It’s good that you stayed clear on the last day. I was watching in the comfort of my home, but of course it’s not the same as being there, and it was from 2 am in our time zone. Definitely worth every waking minute!
      Thanks for dropping by, Tina, and sharing your first hand experience!


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