Olive-Backed Sunbird Through the Window

They are small songbirds, less than five inches long. The olive-backed sunbird feeds on nectar and can hover like hummingbirds. They also like to perch on the jackfruit tree just outside my window!

Also known as yellow-bellied sunbird, both male and female have bright yellow underpants and brown backs. 

The male, however, boasts of a dark metallic blue-black upper breast, throat, and forehead. This one was an absolute show-off.

I had to shoot through glass, as they quickly fly away when I open the window. 

I also didn’t want to disturb them. It’s mating season. They might be making a nest.



    • Thanks! Yes, they are quite common, though hard to capture due to their tiny size and they like to dart about and fly away quickly! Hope you get to enjoy their company over there somehow.

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