Ludlow Where Time Stood Still

When I visited Ludlow many years ago I thought time had stood still. It is one of the most preserved medieval towns of England.

The half-timbered Tudor buildings in the shopping street are striking.


Many of these are shops that offer antiques and handcrafts to visitors.


The town center has avoided urban development that would have altered its medieval character. 


Ludlow has nearly 500 listed buildings.

A medieval town is not complete without a castle.

Ludlow Castle is the venue for the Ludlow Spring Festival, for “barrels of fun, feasting, live music and motors” (unfortunately cancelled this year).


There’s still the Ludlow Food Festival, the “original festival for food and drink lovers” in September, also in Ludlow Castle.

Or you can catch the Ludlow Farmers Market held twice a month at Castle Square, where you can buy fresh produce from within 30 miles of Ludlow.

It has retained an old world charm for more than eight centuries and has been called “probably the loveliest town in England.” By reinvigorating itself, no wonder it is also called “the most vibrant small town in England.”

Or it can simply be your kind of town.

(Travel 8/10)


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