Yellow-Vented Bulbul Looking Back on the Day

I was watching a yellow-vented bulbul as the sun set.

Watching it watching me.

I read somewhere that birds are intelligent and exhibit smart behaviors such as remembering the past and planning for the future.

So I asked if, like me, it was looking back on the day about to end.

And if it was looking forward to another week.

It replied that I was just imagining things. 

It took off and and we went our separate ways — the bird to a week of freedom and I to another week of lockdown.

Too bad I wasn’t able to wish it well.

Keep safe little bird. Keep safe.


  1. I love this post!!

    Much to my neighbor’s dismay, I feed my local Crows almost every single morning…for 40 years now.

    The crows insist they are the smartest bird, and there’s even some science to back up their claim.

    All I know is I go out there and “caw”, and they come, 3 mainly, and I say “Good Morning. Here is your Breakfast.” and they are on it before I have fully turned to walk away.

    But they are a bit petulant, even vengeful also. If I morning-walk up the hill first, without feeding them, they follow me, and complain the whole way.

    And don’t get me started if I should miss a day of our leftover scraps. Payback, for a couple of days. They will just make me worry that one of them has actually lost a battle with the Bald Eagles that dare to enter their territory.

    Thanks for your post!

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    • Thank you for sharing your perspective and experience!
      I can agree that crows are smart, and you have certainly seen this over 40 years!
      It looks like they have made a connection with you. I’m not anywhere close to that, but I do enjoy watching them and hearing their calls… I’m listening to them as I type this.
      Enjoy your day and the company of your avian friends!

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