A Pipit and a Song

A Pipit, belonging to the Anthus genus. I’m not sure if it’s a Richard’s Pipit, a Paddyfield Pipit or another kind – at this time of year, there’s a lot of migratory pipits from colder climates.

Wikipedia describes them as “conservative in appearance” and “drab.”

Perhaps wanting to disprove Wikipedia, this pipit seemed to be quite comfortable, if I may say, posing for the camera.

There’s a local folk song that I learned as a child.

The song is about a pipit whose wing was injured by a stone thrown by a man. The little bird was hurt so badly that it couldn’t fly, and fell, but then like a human being said to the man:

”Oh cruel man, your heart has no pity. If I die, there’s a pipit bird who will cry.”

I’ll keep shooting our fine-feathered friends – with a camera.


  1. It looks like you learned an important lesson about compassion from that song. Thank yo unfortunately sharing the song and translation so others may contemplate its message. ~Jane

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      • Thanks, Jane, for sharing your thoughts, and no worries about the auto-spell (it happens to everyone).
        Yes, it’s a simple song that left an imprint in me. It’s a beautiful message.
        I appreciate your dropping by and writing the comment.

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