Bullish in the Year of the Metal Ox?

In many parts of Asia, the Lunar New Year is widely celebrated as a holiday.

The year 2021, beginning February 12, is the year of the Metal Ox.

For hard-nosed investors, previous years of the Ox saw the market return an average of 12.3%. That’s reason enough to be bullish. Let the Charging Bull in Manhattan continue its charge!

According to eastern astrology, each year brings fortune to each individual according to one’s birth date, but overall the year of the Metal Ox is seen as a more gentle year. More “yin” in character than the fast-paced “yang” of the year of the Rat just past.

Nice to hear and much welcome, after the frenzy and anxiety of last year.

Displaying symbols related to the ox is believed to bring good luck this year. I see no better symbol of optimism and prosperity than this 7,100-pound bronze sculpture, literally dropped on a New York street as a gift by its artist. I hope it brings good luck to all of us, investment or otherwise.

Let me greet you  恭喜发财 — “Wishing you great happiness and prosperity!


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