This is from many years ago.
When it was OK to travel, people used to say avoid the touristy areas. But when I look at these photos maybe there’s a reason why people go there.

As a side note, this is my entry to this week’s LAPC, which made me realize that stripes and check patterns are everywhere, specially in cities.

Travel 5/10


    • You’re welcome and thanks for the comment!
      I would love to go back and visit Chicago after many years myself. One thing I remember is that it was truly a “windy” city. 🙂
      Take care and regards to Biasini! 🙂


  1. Chicago has known the best and worst of times. Over the past 48 years I’ve come to look on it as a second home (my first being originally in London.) But now, with all the violence, not to mention the virus crisis, I no longer feel comfortable in the city. And that’s a pity because I always loved spending the day there. So much to see, do and photograph. So near (just a 30 minute ride by express train) but so far away now. I really miss it. Thank you for sharing these pictures, a reminder of happier and more carefree days.

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    • Thank you, Sue, for sharing your thoughts. Indeed these were from “happier and more carefree days,” what I would like to remember of Chicago and travelling in general. Glad it brings back good memories for you.

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