Don Quijote, But Not From La Mancha

It’s a discount chain store in Japan, the décor of which can be described as colorful or garish, depending on one’s taste. It once tried to put a roller coaster on top of its Tokyo store. A ferris wheel-designed facade graces its Osaka flagship store.osaka_9570

(The Don Quijote store along Dotonbori Canal in Osaka.)

I don’t know if it is inspired by Don Quixote of la Mancha, the famous novel by Miguel de  Cervantes. Maybe it’s just my imagination but I sense the same outlandish tendencies as the main character’s embellished stories.osaka_9602It’s popular with tourists and locals alike. Imagine a convenience store, drugstore, jewelry shop, restaurant, appliance store, and amusement park combined into one. Some people say, if it’s in Japan you can find it here.

It’s packed with people (all six floors of it) even in the wee hours (pre-Covid). 


It’s definitely worth a visit if you happen to be in Osaka.

If finding something “quixotic” is not your thing, an evening stroll along Dotonbori is always an enjoyable experience. And that’s no exaggeration.


Travel 4/10.


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