Ready for Some New Adventures?


“Adventures” sounded really exciting at the start of the year. After 2020, this year can only be better, right? Right.

Recent events, however, made me rethink wanting more “adventures” or wanting to tell 2021 to settle down instead.

But it’s only been a week into the new year, and I see some light on the horizon. Things will get better even if it could get worse in the meantime. As you can see, I am not short on optimism. My friend calls it wishful thinking.

Maybe a little more patience. Face masks aren’t going away soon. Travel will continue to be restricted and social distancing will be the norm for some time. Unfortunately I don’t have the talent to live in a parallel universe.

If there’s one talent Homo sapiens has it’s adaptability. Not always in an elegant way, but somehow we’ve made it through. So far. We learn from our bumbling ways. We will continue to live to tell until we don’t.

Our humanity is our weakness but it’s also our strength. I want to keep my faith in humanity. I have no other choice.

Maybe we have seen everything, or maybe we ain’t seen nothing yet. Either way, doesn’t it mean new adventures ahead?

Whatever you do, keep safe!

As my friend says, “Stay positive, but test negative!”


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