Looking Towards the Empire State Building From the Top of the Rock

I was invited by My Camera and I and From Pyrenees to Pennines, two favourite sites that I follow, to join them and other bloggers in posting one favourite travel picture a day for ten days without explanation, then each day, nominate someone new to join in.

So today I post my first photo in this ten-photo series. 


This one I can’t skip the “explanation” and it’s pretty obvious anyway. Maybe the next one will be less obvious, though I reserve the right to comment on the subsequent ones. 🙂

I hope I can come up with ten since my archives are kind of… disorganized… Most likely will have non-travel posts in between depending on mood and recent experiences. (Too many caveats. 🙂 )

I think one offshoot of this challenge is to whet our appetite for travelling when circumstances allow. Already there are predictions that air fares and hotel rates will hit the roof due to “revenge travel.” 

One more thing, since many are into this travel challenge already, I’ll just follow what others have done and say “anybody, feel free to join in.” 

Thanks for looking!


  1. I’m so glad you’ve joined in, and what a great first shot! I think having disorganised archives is ideal for this challenge. Serendipity rules. This is the third time that Teresa and I have simultaneously nominated the same person: we have good taste!

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