No Reason to Be Bashful

Mimosa pudica (local name: Makahiya) closes its leaves when touched (a video can be seen here), hence it has been called the shy or bashful plant. Despite studies to find out how a plant can learn without having a central nervous system (aka brain), it remains a mystery.


Sensitive leaves aside, it has some beautiful flowers that should not be hidden.makahiya_2358There really is no reason for it to be shy. Come on, Mimosa, show us your bright colors!makahiya_2386

It somewhat reminds me of decors on a Christmas tree.

So I won’t be shy in greeting you a Merry Christmas!

May you find joy and a way to celebrate the best that the season brings!


    • Thank you for stopping by and for the comment! Yes, they are quite rare in the city now but still can be seen in areas where “wild” plants grow. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, albeit “minimalist” due to the times.

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