The Imagined Struggle of a Bee Looking For Nectar

bee_0532 This is the part of the movie when Spider-Man thinks “How did I get myself in this mess?”

But no worries for me. “I’ve got this!”
bee_0533 Whoops! Spoke too soon! Yes, I’m upside down, but it’s not embarrassing. Just don’t call me ugly. Stop looking at my bug’s eyes! Spider-Man’s got them too!
bee_0534 OK. One more time. Nice and slow. I’ve got the “hang” of this.
bee_0537 Let me just enjoy this. It is such a “bee-autiful” day!

This is the part of the movie when the credits roll. You know, all the actor’s names and the mayors of the towns for the locations. The sponsors. The guy who delivered pizza.

You still there? Hey, there are no bloopers if the whole movie was a blooper.
A teaser? Like for the next Spider-Man iteration? A secret ending?
bee_0543Β So I made it.Β But that doesn’t sound like fun. You don’t want your superheroes to make it look easy. Besides, I look like a villain here. So it’s not gonna make it to the final cut. No way!


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