I Think of You Watching the Raindrops

I think of you watching the raindrops with me, as their ripples shimmer in the faint light.

We watched a meteor shower once, on a beach, where nobody walked by, except for a stray dog ignoring us. The meteors streaked across the sky, their last glorious dance shimmering in the night.

I said you were like a meteor shower, beautiful and quiet. You said I was like the rain.

I listen to the rhythm of the raindrops, gentle in the dark, pushing away the noises from the street, of people passing by ignoring the curfew. It’s the rain‘s turn to soothe you tonight.

There’s a little shimmer in the night sky, but tonight I won’t be seeing a meteor shower. Meteors and raindrops both fall from the sky, but they are not meant to be together.


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