Quiet Moments Come From a Quiet Mind

Quiet places and noisy thoughts. Or noisy places and quiet thoughts.

We were hectic, and our thoughts were lost in the babble around us.

So we said, I want a little quiet, can the world just stop?

And it did.

But the noise keeps invading us from screens screaming with images from around the world.

And the voices in our head that were silent for a while are chattering the same old, same old conversations.

Noisy world, quiet world, it’s the same. The quiet has to come from within. A8555850-9DAD-4E9D-8287-B4BFA69C7704 We can look at something and see random objects, like random thoughts.

Or we can look at the same thing and see heaven reflected, and a stairway to the sky. Or a secret path to a sanctuary in our mind.
LAPC A Quiet Moment


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