Buffalo Riding a Motorcycle

Not driving but a passenger. ipil_2337a The carabao is a domestic water buffalo.

They are still widely used to plow ricefields and are quite busy at the onset of the planting season. Here it wasn’t pulling a plow; instead it was being given a ride on a customized motorcycle sidecar on the way to its next assignment.

Its milk is getting more attention as a healthier alternative to cow’s milk. Cheese from carabao milk (“kesong puti” or white cheese) is also becoming more popular.

During the covid-19 pandemic, they were used as an alternative mode of transport and goods distribution in provincial areas.

The carabao is generally mild-mannered and has become a symbol of hard work and industry.

(On the island of Mindanao in the Philippines.)


    • I have to admit I was quite surprised myself. It is not a usual sight, I have to say. It is more common for them to walk (and someone riding on them), but I guess someone found it easier or faster to give them a ride instead. Come to think of it, they transport horses too, though not this way…

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