Tension Is What Keeps It in Place

bird_1521 Tension is what holds power lines and suspension bridges.

Tension exists in the natural world, too. Predation, competition — interactions between species that keep the ecosystem in equilibrium, but also lead to adaptation.

Tension in societies has been studied by philosophers and scientists. I am not in any way an expert, but in my simplified belief, societies are unlike power lines or suspension bridges, which are static and fixed. They have moving and interdependent parts that make the system dynamic, like nature. Equilibrium and adaptation, the twin challenges.

Those who fail will go down the path of dinosaurs. Those who make it will perch on power lines.


  1. in your art, you always have that sparkle of amazement and authenticity that brings so much to your audience. I learn, I wonder, I smile, I open my eyes on a point of view that is universal and new in the same time. Thank you!

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  2. Mmmm… interesting. How about perching atop the lines of power? I think too many in this day and age are drunk on power – and want more! Great post – I like the word competition… I will use it in a post, soon. 👍😁

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