Staying Safe in the New Normal

boats_7277r3 Recent studies show that coronavirus can be spread by people with no symptoms; at least 44% of cases are due to asymptomatic or presymptomatic transmission.

This makes control more difficult, and will probably become part of the new normal. Everyone can be a potential carrier.

Soon restrictions will be eased. You can’t lock down the world forever.

A well-thought-out and common sense article identifies where the risk of infection in the new normal will come from. Bathrooms, for instance, and which seats in restaurants to avoid. And why joggers briefly crossing each other’s path in a park have much lower risk than people talking to each other in an office for 7 hours.

While it will be impossible to avoid social interaction, it is still possible to keep social distancing and wear masks for protection.

To be safe is to be kind, to yourself and to others.


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