Social Distancing is Not Necessarily an Introvert’s Dream

One of the things going around social media is how social distancing and staying at home is an introvert’s dream.

Some of them, such as this collection from Twitter, are quite funny because they hit home.

Introverts, they say, have been practicing social distancing forever and are already experts.

It’s true that introverts value their alone time to re-energize. 10548071_10205113266725699_8607176655645990729_o

Now the joke is that they’re still not showing up on Zoom calls with friends, or keep their videos and mics off and leave early.

Some introverts find the sudden company of extroverted family members a bit much, and miss the quiet days when the kids were at school or when they or the partner were at work. Now they want to leave the house!10828068_10204503885251543_3408385606924439199_o

Of course it is not a walk on the beach, after all there is a serious crisis. But being asked to stay home to contribute to the community draws on the strength of introverts. Their skills are finally validated!


Like everybody, introverts hope this isolation ends soon.

They need to go out too, even if sometimes they prefer to do it alone.

And they might show up at some of the get-back-together parties, but then they might not. Don’t be surprised if they continue with social distancing. After all, they have been flattening the curve even before it was cool.

LAPC: Simplicity


  1. I’m discovering I’m more of an introvert than I thought. This isolation has not been the nightmare I expected. I’m really rather enjoying it. But I know how lucky I am, with outdoor space, a partner, and no real stresses. Social Distancing is suiting me, to my surprise!

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    • Yes, you’re lucky to have the available outdoor space, and relatively stress free.
      Having that ability to adapt to isolation is an introvert’s advantage.
      Glad to,know it’s not working out that badly for you.
      Thanks for sharing!

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